Saturday, November 12, 2011

UFC on FOX 1

The moment is finally here. Later tonight, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will make their long awaited debut on network television. FOX Television will showcase a Heavyweight Title bout between Champion Cain Velasquez and Challenger Junior Dos Santos this evening. On their 18th Birthday, the UFC is putting on a mega teaser event for the whole world to see. Although this will be the only fight that will be aired during the 1 hour broadcast. Viewers old and new will be treated to a spectacle never seen before in the history of Mixed Marital Arts...a UFC Heavyweight Title bout on National Television. Free!!!

As today marks a new begining for the partnership between the UFC and FOX. Another era will be ending soon. The UFC held their last numbered event on Spike TV in UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz this past Saturday. In short, it was a grand way to go out as all of the Main Card bouts ended in decisive fashion and only 1 bout aired went to a decision. Spike will still air Preliminary fight's for UFC 139, 140 and 141. They will also hold the Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale on Saturday December 14, 2011 in what will be the last full event on the Guy Network. After which, all current UFC programming will move over to FOX, FX and Fuel TV next year.

At 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST tonight, viewers will see a brand new presentation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Newer people will be shown the history of the sport at it's best while older fan's will get bask in the joy of seeing how far our great sport has come. Today truly marks a new day in MMA history!

To see the rest of the card, which includes a Lightweight Title #1 Contender bout between Clay Guida and Ben Henderson, you can go to or and view the whole card starting at 4:45 PM EST/1:45 PM PST. Get ready MMA fans!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Donofrio Entertainment Press Release: Brawl In The Fall


On Saturday, September 10, promoter Joseph Donofrio of Donofrio Entertainment will return to the Meadow Brook Music Festival in Rochester Hills, Michigan for BRAWL IN THE FALL, another of his sensational annual outdoor Mixed Martial Arts festivals. Tickets for "Meadow Brook Cage Fight Festival" are available at The Palace of Auburn Hills and Meadow Brook Music Festival Box Offices,, all TicketMaster outlets or via charge by phone at 248-645-6666.

Featuring the best amateur MMA fighters from Michigan and Canada, BRAWL IN THE FALL will be Donofrio's sixth event (the first was professional boxing) at the picturesque outdoor venue known for hosting the world's top Entertainers.
In the BRAWL IN THE FALL main event, Travis City's Shaun Mirjavadi will defend his Impact Fight League Heavyweight Championship against the always tough Rob Durham of Madison Heights.

Other title fights scheduled include Detroit's Shamir Garcia defending his 205-lb Championship against Jackson's Tim Reichel; Auburn Hills' own Kris Lusch defends his 185-lb Impact Fight League belt against Saginaw's Charlie Cosen; Detroit's Roland Saucedo will face Jackson, Michigan's Frank Thomas for the vacant 155-lb Impact Fight League title; Canada's Justin Taveirne will defend his 145-lb Impact Fight League Title against Vince Murdock of Waterford, Michigan; James Hollway will take on Ryan Brettingham of Cadillac, Michigan, for the vacant Impact Fight League 135-lb title; Saginaw's Patrick Hook will face Matt Grechenski of Grand Rapids for the vacant 125-lb title; and Emlay City, Michigan's Mikey Galanos will defend his Impact Fight League 115-lb belt against Detroit's Nick Trongale.

Michigan's leader in female combat sports will also present no less than five female MMA matches including Madison Heights' Lisa Dzik vs. Grand Rapids' Chandra Engel (135 lbs); Monroe's Kathleen Albany vs. Detroit's Kathy Ajami (135 lbs); Hazel Park's Theressa Sass vs. Lansing's Yolanda Gonzalez (125 lbs) and Grand Rapids' Allana Jones vs. Hamtramck's Marie Putman (155).

Rounding out the action will be Redford's Dan Winston taking on Muskegon's Rich Stafford in a 145-lb scrap and Redford's Brad Goralski facing Frederick, Michigan's Matt Barkway in a 185-lb scrap.

"The Meadow Brook shows are easily the best in Michigan every year and we're coming back with BRAWL IN THE FALL, another amazing night of MMA for the huge crowds that always show up" said Joseph Donofrio. "Meadow Brook is an electric place for a fight show and we're very excited to be bringing the premier Mixed Martial Art promotion in the Midwest back to the fans in Rochester Hills."

Tickets for "Meadow Brook Cage Fight Festival" are available at The Palace of Auburn Hills and Meadow Brook Music Festival Box Offices,, all TicketMaster outlets or via charge by phone at 248-645-6666.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and fights start at 7:30. Meadow Brook Music Festival is located on the grounds of Oakland University.

All bouts subject to change.

Check out for updates.

Joseph Donofrio

Andre Courtemanche
Big Media Buzz
Telephone: 519.253.4290
US: 954.302.2462
Cell: 519.991.5213

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Juggernaut Fight Series Review

Juggernaut Fight Series Kicks Off With A Bang

In this day and age it is not difficult to find a Mixed Martial Arts event happening in your area on a Saturday night. As a strong supporter of the sport I have attended many shows, seeing the good, bad, great and everything in between. Any promoter can have a show that falls apart or fails to showcase a single entertaining fight. At even more of disadvantage, upstart promotions often have a difficult learning curve before they start producing quality matches. There are no guarantees in Mixed Martial Arts inside or outside the cage.

As one of the top fighters in the state of Michigan, Lee “The Juggernaut” Trombley was aware of the risks involved with promoting an event but was willing to accept the challenge and focus just as intently as if he were entering battle. Trombley’s organization, Juggernaut Fight Series, had plenty to overcome for their inaugural event “Saline Summer Beatdown”. The main event was originally Kema “The Wrecking Ball” Minnich versus Brandon Noble for the JFS Welterweight Title. Shortly after the fight was arranged Noble decided he was dropping to the Lightweight division. Noble was then slated to face the number one ranked LW in the state, Deven Brown. Minnich’s new opponent was announced to be the very capable Andrew Crushshon. An injury forced Crushshon out of the fight a couple weeks before the event. Gary Conradson agreed to fight Minnich on short notice until he too was also injured during training less than a week before the event. The man that had the intestinal fortitude to clash with Minnich was a solid wrestler with a good chin named Joe Bloom.

All seemed well after Bloom agreed to step up. Until two days before fight night, Brandon Noble announced he was hurt and could not compete. Finding an opponent on one days notice to fight the top ranked guy in his division and also make weight is nearly impossible, especially an opponent worthy of that opportunity. Terry Van Avery also known as Terry Travesty was the one man willing to take on that challenge. Travesty is not only a Championship caliber trash talker but a Championship caliber contender as well. Boasting an impressive 10-1 record entering the fight and being a top ten fighter himself, Van Avery was a worthy advisory for Brown and a test for each fighter.

Veteran ring announcer Pete Trevino, Jr. was on the microphone which is always a win in itself. Professional mixed martial artists Danny “The Falcon” McIntyre and Josh “Shortstack” Robinson displayed experienced, intelligent officiating throughout the night. Great matchmaking was apparent in each match of the night. All of the bouts were entertaining in their own unique way.

The first fight in JFS history was also the first fight for both Ron Orvis and Justin Wilson in their careers. The fight went back and forth several times, a nightmare for judges. Wilson managed to mount Orvis twice in the third round which likely became the deciding factor in Wilson’s very close split-decision win. Veteran amateur Don Trout was matched against newcomer Chris Sinic. Trout had much more ring experience but his poor record added a different element to the fight. Trout was working for a guillotine finish for the bulk of the fight until Sinic was able to apply an armbar forcing Trout to tap.

Justin Torocolacci and Chad Rouse each debuted versus one another. This fight had the crowd getting loud with excitement. Although very evenly matched Rouse did enough to win on all three judge’s scorecards. Bobby Sutherby and Ethan Fitzgerald displayed the electricity that the smaller weight classes are known for. Fists were flying fast, Sutherby’s proving to be the heavier, leading to a second round TKO. Kris Halstead fought hard against Nick Nguyen but a lost point due to an illegal strike to the back of the head. The end result was a majority decision for Nguyen so the point deduction played a factor in Halstead’s loss.

In a 160 pound catch-weight match Justin Hall was outpointed by Russell Campbell by unanimous decision. Steve Ekquist and Jason Clisham traded leather into the third round when Ekquist landed a big shot on Clisham forcing the referee to stop the fight. The big boys took the cage as the last non-title fight of the evening. Heavyweights Lamar Foster and Josh Franklin hammered each other with heavy punches. Foster landed a blow that saw Dan McIntyre intervene immediately and call an end to the action while both participants were standing. Referee McIntyre stated after the fight that Franklin’s arms went limp, knees buckled and his eyes went blank. You could tell he was out on his feet.

JFS crowned three champions on Saturday night; the first bout was for the Welterweight Belt. Kema “The Wrecking Ball” Minnich, a bjj brown belt, was set to face Joe Bloom, the fourth different opponent he was scheduled to fight. On top of that Kema’s wife Jennifer sat in the audience, 9 months pregnant, ready to give birth. This news was unsettling news for ring medic Patrick Fleming Jr., who has personally delivered two children, but he already had his hands full with all the brutality of a great fight card.

The fight started with Minnich and Bloom trading punches until it went to the ground with Minnich attempting several submissions. This was the story of the fight, as each fighter took a great deal of punishment. It is amazing that this fight even went to a decision. Throughout the fight Minnich landed hard, solid punches on Bloom’s chin but the guy wouldn’t go out. Bloom did his share of damage and appeared to be close to finishing the fight himself on more than one occasion yet Minnich survived each flurry and returned the favor. Minnich came close to locking in several submissions but the perspiration on each fighter made it much easier to slip and escape.

After five very hard fought rounds Kema Minnich won a unanimous decision to become the first ever Champion for the Juggernaut Fight Series. Two judges awarded him three rounds while the third judge scored four rounds to one in favor of Minnich. After the match each fighter appeared as if they were in a bad accident. Minnich had a busted up face and a sore hand. Bloom’s lip was split and appeared to have a broken nose and also possible damage to his orbital bone. Both fighters showed tremendous heart and spirit, far beyond what you see in many professional fighters. This was the Fight of the Night by far.

The Middleweight Title bout featured Eric “The Reject” Burress against Brian Davis. Davis knocked out his previous opponent in just over 30 seconds while Burress knocked out his last opponent in only nine seconds. This fight lived up to expectations resulting in Brian Davis landing the big KO punch just 21 seconds into the first round. This was Knockout of the Night without a doubt.

In the main event Deven “Bad News” Brown, who is widely considered the top ranked Lightweight and Featherweight in Michigan faced Terry Van Avery, with each fighter boasting only one defeat each. To the casual fan this match may not have been very exciting but true fans of the sport could appreciate the intensity. Terry took the fight to the ground fairly quickly. Most of the first round saw Terry attempting an armbar from his guard and Brown landing several shots to the body. There were a few points where Terry appeared very close to finishing Brown with a submission. The second round was headed in the same direction as Terry worked for a kimura lock from which Brown escaped and Bad News immediately began dropping bombs resulting in a TKO stoppage and giving Deven Brown his fourth Championship Title amongst the Amateur ranks.

Every fan in attendance was treated to a fantastic show. Each fight winner received either a trophy or a customized championship belt. Despite several obstacles, hurdles and injuries the fight card matched fighters very well and produced an extremely entertaining show. There is no date set for the next JFS show yet but it is almost guaranteed to happen in the near future. During the show, promoter Lee Trombley announced he will be moving to the Middleweight division. A decision that is surely not pleasant to 185 pounders across Michigan. In another big announcement from Trombley, a mini juggernaut will be on the way within the next nine months as he and his wife are expecting, congratulations.  If you haven’t attended a local MMA event yet, you are doing a disservice to yourself. Please go to a show and be sure to support the great sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Written by: Brandon New

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Michigan Extreme Combat Sports I Review

MECS dazzles Taylor with an exciting Marital Arts Event

Michigan Extreme Combat Sports held the first show of its kind at the Taylor Town Trade Center on Saturday night putting on an exciting array of various martial arts disciplines all in one cage in front of an outstanding crowd of 600 people. Promoter Kevin Whittenberg showcased Kickboxing matches; No-Gi Grappling contest’s and edge of your seat Mixed Marital Arts bout’s that left everyone in the building wondering when the next show is going to be once the event was over.

The Main Event saw Carleton’s Devon Brown defending his MECS Lightweight Title against Harbor View, Ohio’s Nick Sondergeld. It was power and speed versus a technical tactician. Power and speed dominated. Brown immediately took the center of the cage and went for the takedown. Sondergeld locked up a nasty headlock and dragged Brown to the floor. In no time flat, Brown reversed his position getting a body lock along with his opponent’s back. What followed was an all out ground and pound attack as Brown rained down punches onto Sondergeld’s face. He could only defend the shots for so long until Referee Danny McIntire decided it was enough and ended Sondergeld’s night. Brown was declared the winner by technical knockout as he retained his Lightweight Title.

Carleton’s John Slayton fought Hazel Park’s Ryan King for the MECS Light Heavyweight Title in the Co-Main Event of the evening. King was able to withstand an enormous amount punishment dished out by Slayton and was able to find a way to win after the course of five rounds. King used a great jab to keep Slayton at bay, avoided Slayton’s wrestling skills and came forward for most of the match. In the end, King won via split decision and took home the victory.

Whittenberg had a few things to say about his two top bouts of the night. “I think Devon Brown came in with a purpose. I thought he was great pressing the pace. I (really) thought it would have been a war. Devon “Bad News” Brown is on a mission and MECS is where he belongs.” Regarding King vs. Slayton, “It was close but Slayton should have kept moving in to close the deal. He kept his distance and (so he) was looked at as the non aggressor”.

Taking home Fight of the Night was Romulus’s Dom Walker and Adam Gibson of the Soo Doo Tie Dojo in Hazel Park. Both fighters put on a great show from the start of the fight until the end. During the first minute, the two traded shots back and forth. Walker had a few high impact slam takedowns and also went for submission attempts on the ground to earn the round. In the second, after a brief feeling out process, Walker scored another takedown. He started landing some hard knees to the body while mixing in a few strikes. Gibson was able to make it up again and get a few punches in but got put back on the mat in short order. Gibson snuck in a quick triangle choke but Walker persevered and made it through the round.

Just as the third round was about to start, Gibson’s corner declared their fighter was unable to continue due to a knee injury. Walked earned the Middleweight Title via verbal submission.

Justin Walls of Dearborn Heights showed exactly why he is the reigning and defending MECS Bantamweight Champion. It wasn’t easy as Donnie Gorman gave it his best. Gorman scored a takedown and went straight for a triangle choke after a fast paced flurry by both kicked off the match. The triangle was tight but just wasn’t meant to be as Walls worked his way out of trouble. When the two rose to their feet, Walls connected with a hard right hand that dropped Gorman face first to the floor. Walls followed it up with a few shots and it was all over.

Two more Title fights on the night pitted Rob “The Hooligan” Taylor vs. Josh “The Tank” Franklin and Theresa Sass vs. Hayley Green. Taylor defeated Franklin in the second round via technical knockout winning the Heavyweight Title. Sass won the Women’s Welterweight Title after a three round war.

Knockout of the Night went to Belleville’s Brian Davis after he knocked out Bob Schell in under a minute. Just as Schell was looking to be getting the better of Davis on the feet, Davis unleashed a killer right hand at the same time Schell tagged him with a shot of his own. Davis went down but not out while Schell fell unconscious. Davis tried to pounce but Referee Josh Robinson saved Schell from receiving any more damage.

Ann Arbor’s Alex Kustrzewa took home the Submission of the Night award when he submitted Monroe’s Don Trout with an excellent armbar in the first round of their Featherweight contest. Detroit's Cliff "Special K" Ruffin had double duty for the night, winning both of his fights by way of submission.

Overall it was a great night of Martial Arts action that saw quite a few noted civilian’s in attendance; Brandon Pettigrew of the Detroit Lions, State ranked LHW Lee “The Juggernaut” Trombley, Father/Daughter dual Master of Ceremonies tandem of Pete “Mr. Throwdown” and Amanda “Ms. Showdown” Trevino and Fight Michigan’s TJ Corwin and Shannon Hale.

Mr. Whittenberg donated all of the 50/50 raffle proceeds as well as several locks of hair to the Locks of Love Foundation. Adding, “I honestly set my own MECS fighter’s to go in there as the underdogs. We will not go into a fight knowing or thinking we will come out with the win. That way we know we did our jobs in the gym. We are planning the next MECS event for mid to late September.”

Michigan Extreme Combat Sports Quick Results

Devon Brown def. Nick Sondergeld via TKO (referee stoppage) Round 1, 2:47 (retains MECS Lightweight Title)

Ryan King def. John Slayton via split decision (46-49, 48-47, 48-47) wins MECS Light Heavyweight Title

Justin Walls def. Donnie Gorman via TKO (punches) Round 1, 2:45 (retains MECS Bantamweight Title)

Dom Walker def. Adam Gibson via verbal submission (unable to continue after Round 2) wins MECS Middleweight Title

Rob Taylor def. Josh Franklin via TKO (referee stoppage) Round 2, 2:40 (wins MECS Heavyweight Title)

Theresa Sass def. Hayley Green via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) wins MECS Women’s Welterweight Title

Rob Wofkowski def. Tonka Augsburger via submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1, 2:24

No-Gi Grappling Match: Jon Rennert def. Mickey Marsack via points

Brian Davis def. Bob Schell via knockout (punch) Round 1, 0:42

Cliff Ruffin def. Justin Hall via submission (guillotine choke) Round 2, 1:40

Tommy Stubbe def. Ali Collins via submission (armbar) Round 1, 2:22

Ali Amine def. Antonio James via submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1, 2:40

Kickboxing Match: Brent Payne def. Mike Turner via unanimous decision

Alex Kustrzewa def. Don Trout via submission (armbar) Round 1, 1:24

Cliff Ruffin def. Russell Campbell via submission (choke) Round 2, 1:23

Teven Hines def. Craig Rushing via TKO (referee stoppage) Round 1, 1:46

No-Gi Grappling Match: Matt Baron def. Angelo Fratarrangeli via points

Fight Night Awards

Fight of the Night: Dom Walker vs. Adam Gibson

Knockout of the Night: Brian Davis

Submission of the Night: Alex Kustrzewa

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michigan Extreme Combat Sports Press Release

MECS: Southern Michigan Championships

When: Saturday July 23, 2011
Where: Taylor, Michigan
Venue: Taylor Town Trade Center

Time: 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM.

General Admission = $25.00

Cageside Seats = $35.00

V.I.P. Tables = $375.00

Main Event - MECS Lightweight Title Bout

Devon Brown (Carleton) vs. Nick Sondergeld (Toledo)

Co-Main Event - MECS Light-Heavyweight Title Bout

John Slayton (Carleton) vs. Ryan King (Warren)

MECS Bantamwight Title Bout

Justin Walls (Dearborn Heights) vs. Donnie Gorman (Madison Heights)

MECS Middleweight Title Bout

Domonique Walker (Romulus) vs. Adam Gibson (Warren)

MECS Heavyweight Title Bout

Rob Taylor (Roseville) vs. Josh Franklin (Toledo)

MECS Womens Welterweight Title Bout

Theresa Sass (East Pointe) vs. Haley Green (Monroe)


For any questions, please contact  Promotor Kevin Whittenberg at (734) 955-9988. You can also listen to Mr. Whittenburg on 1460 AM (WPON) on Friday July 22nd at 9:30 AM on Sports Talk with Ron Cameron. Also available at See you there!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hierarchy III Review

Hierarchy Fighting Association sets the Modano Ice Arena on Fire!!!

Scott Brown needed to show just how good he can really be when pressed. Facing a seasoned fighter like Rick Morais in the Main Event of Heirarchy III in Westland on Saturday night; he had to. And he knew it. Although Morais has had his fair share of knockout victories, Brown was ready to face the music once the cage door shut.

After a brief moment standing, it was Morais who scored a surprising takedown; bringing the fight to the floor and landing a few strikes. The two battled for position when suddenly, Brown reversed the tide and latched on to a tight ankle lock. Morais could only bare the pain for a short moment as he was forced to tapout. Scott Brown successfully made his first Welterweight Title defense in less than two minutes.

In what was surely the Fight of the Night, Taylor’s Will Woodford went toe to toe with Sean Dunn of Dearborn Height’s for three rounds. Fighting out of Stars & Strikes, like Brown, everyone knew Dunn was going to bring it. Everybody else just didn’t know who Will Woodford was. The two fought tooth and nail for Dunn’s Featherweight Title in the Co-Main Event. In the end, the Hierarchy fans were treated to a great show.

Woodford took round one with excellent cage control but almost gave it up as Dunn locked up a tight triangle choke towards the end. Round two saw Woodford getting the better of the stand-up game but Dunn hung in there tough as both finished it by trading blows. The third and final round started off with a little bit of the clinch game. Woodford changed levels, got a takedown and went to his ground and pound. Dunn was able to get up but got brought down again. It ended as Woodford transitioned between strikes and submission attempts to close it out. Judges Alex Hudson, Kenan Kerim and Brandon New all saw it 29-28 for Woodford as he claimed the Hierarchy Fighting Association Featherweight Title with the victory.

The Fighting Mandell Brother’s of Dearborn Heights had a good evening of work as Derrick won the HFA Bantamweight Title by defeating Marcus Wheeler of Detroit by arm triangle submission. Nathan knocked out Jermey Seiler of Ypsilanti in the first round of their Welterweight match up.

New Boston’s CJ Proud made his triumphed return after being on the sidelines for 8 months by winning the HFA Lightweight Title. Proud and Canton’s Chris Wolfgang fought hard over the course of three rounds that saw Proud win via split decision when it was all over. It was so close that Promoter’s Richard Browe and Matt Haskell may set an immediate rematch.

Stars and Strikes’ Dustin Babler rounded out the Title bouts by winning the HFA Flyweight Title against Toledo’s Antonio “The Pitbull” Gonzales by way of guillotine choke.

Other Stars and Strikes’s notable were Donnie Laramie, Doug Babler, Kevin Crunk, Daniel Story, Alex Balli and Chris Stevenson. Laramie, Story and Stevenson looked outstanding in their respective weight divisions.

Quincy Rice’s Jackson MMA students Brandon Maher and Brandon “Sequoyah” Sandford also made some noise by finishing both of their opponents inside of three rounds.

In attendance for the evening were MMA Legend Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge, Jerry Millen of Millen Media, Master of Ceremonies Pete “Mr. Throwdown” Trevino Jr., Channel 95.5’s Ace and Greg “Mr. Positive” Balteff, Michigan MMA Veteran’s Daron Cruickshank and Danny McIntire.

Heierarchy IV is currently being planned for a late September or early October date and venue to be determined.

Hierarchy III: Quick Results

Scott Brown def. Rick Morais via submission (ankle lock) Round 1, 1:43 (retains HFA Welterweight Title)

Will Woodford def. Sean Dunn via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28 and 2-28) wins HFA Featherweight Title

Derrick Mandell def. Marcus Wheeler via submission (arm triangle) Round 2, 1:11 (wins HFA Bantamweight Title)

CJ Proud def. Christopher Wolfgang via split decision (29-28, 29-28 and 28-29) wins HFA Lightweight Title

Dustin Babler def Antonio Gonzales via submission (guillotine choke) Round 1, 1:11 (wins HFA Flyweight Title)

Donnie Laramie def. Gary Pardon via TKO (strikes) Round 1, 2:05

Doug Babler def. Goose Zilla via submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1, 1:52

Brandon Maher def. Joey Palmer via verbal submission (unable to answer bell for Round 3)

Brandon Sandford def. Aaron Gilmore via submission (armbar) Round 1, 1:35

Kevin Crunk def. Shawn Vanwashanova via submission (armbar) Round 1, 1:47

Daniel Story def. Murray Schafer via TKO (strikes) Round 1, 1:41

Kyle Millimen def. Bryon Morden via submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1, 2:26

Chris Stevenson def. Tyler Telycenas via submission (body strikes) Round 1, 1:36

Alex Balli def. Kevin Martin via submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1, 1:49

Nathan Mandell def. Jeremy Seiler via knockout (punch) Round 1, 0:54

Vaughn Bell def. Russ Trammell via TKO (strikes) Round 1, 2:52

Fight Night Awards

Fight of the Night: Will Woodford vs. Sean Dunn

Knockout of the Night: Nathan Mandell

Submission of the Night: Scott Brown

Event Photos


Story and photos by: David Doig
I can be reached at

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mighigan Combat Leauge: Round 3 Photo Gallery

Michigan Combat League presented Round 3 on Saturday June 18th in Melvindale, Michigan. Here is a collection of photos taken by Chris Rabior of Michigan Combat Photography.

Michigan Combat Photography provides a professional service for Mixed Martial Arts competitions. If you're in need of photography coverage for an upcoming event, don't hesitate to make contact and book their services. You won't find many others who have this much experience shooting mixed martial arts events. With reasonable pricing and a generous licensing model, there's no reason not to contract Michigan Combat Photography to cover your next night of fights.

Please book your event early to guarantee coverage at Enjoy!

At some point, you may decide you want photos for your event or of your team. You need a photographer who is capable of shooting through the cage, and if need be, over the top of it, with stunning results from whatever position is available. That's what Michigan Combat Photography can provide. Please contact Chris Rabior via e-mail at, telephone at (586) 298-2783 or just go to